Fracking in Great Britain

Specialist equipment has started arriving at a shale gas fracking site in North Yorkshire amid protests and arrests.

Third Energy was granted planning permission for the fracking site at Kirby Misperton in May 2016.

About 60 protesters gathered at the entrance. The BBC's Dan Johnson said two people were held for obstruction.

The company has not received final consent to begin fracking but said it expected to begin before year's end.

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Devices to erect noise barriers were among the equipment being transported earlier, before the company starts hydraulic fracturing.

Campaigner Dr Tim Thornton said: "I'm very concerned about the whole process of fracking at many levels but, particularly with my background as a GP.

"I was actually a GP for many in the village, I've become aware of a number of impacts on health, not least the damage to communities and community cohesion."

Last week North Yorkshire County Council agreed planning conditions for the work to begin.

Since then protestors have tried to stop maintenance vehicles entering the site during stand-offs with police.

Several were moved away from the site entrance on Monday while a generator was delivered.

Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at rock to release the gas inside.

Opponents say it can cause water contamination, earthquakes and noise and traffic pollution.

Kirby Misperton, between Malton and Pickering, is due to be the first UK site to carry out the technique since a ban was lifted in 2012, the BBC understands.

Third Energy has said it has been operating safely for 20 years in the area and, left alone, it would continue to do so. [...]

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